3 Elements You Need to Develop Converting Instagram Content That Will Boost Your Shopify Store Sales

3 Elements You Need to Develop Converting Instagram Content That Will Boost Your Shopify Store Sales

Do you run a Shopify store? When launching a store, your dream was to boost your sales and enhance your customer’s engagement. You believed that transforming your business from a brick and mortar store to a virtual one will harness your sales. Your friends convinced you to integrate your store with Instagram. This platform utilizes the power of visual content such as photos and videos to attract and communicate your brand message.

As you know, people fall in love with visual elements. Instagram attracts about 1 billion people who take their time in scrolling images on the platform. But how can you enhance your product and make it noticeable? Getting noticed in such an audience can be the turning point of your Shopify store. However, this cannot happen through a miracle. Having quality content is a powerful tool for harnessing your brand awareness in the virtual world. Such content helps you to gain loyalty and trust from your target followers which in turn convert to sales. If you are struggling in building quality content that converts, here is how to go about it:

Ensure you use high-quality images or videos

Like other online platforms, people relate your images with the quality of your product. When you upload low-quality images, the same image your targets will paste on your product. Similarly, quality images and videos are a sign of reliability and durability of your products. Hence, you should focus on developing high-quality images and videos. Particularly, if you are using user-generated content as your promotion approach, you should pay attention to the visual content quality. Otherwise, poor quality content will hurt your brand reputation.

Optimize your Instagram business bio

With a large number of fake online sellers, you have a responsibility to enhance your credibility. People want to engage and interact with businesses they can trust. Your Instagram bio is a crucial part of creating a durable first impression. As such, you should share your website link and enhance your social aspect. You can do this by using emojis as your spacers.

Incorporate social proof in your content

As you know, people trust what they see and hear from their peers. This approach applies when selling on Instagram. Many people will respond positively to your offers when they see what they intend to buy on use. Hence, you should focus on user-generated content by showing images and videos of customers using what you are offering on your Shopify store. This way, you will boost your sales.

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